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We will now be offering our literature online for you to download. Our literature will be available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. We have also provided a link to download the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader 4.0 Software if you do not have it.

Consumer Literature

Biggest Loser™ Recipes
AB1000BL Blender + Smoothie Dispenser Recipes
AB1001BL Hand Blender + Chopper Recipes
AB1002BL Multi Blender + Chopper System Recipes
AC1200BL Chopper + Blender Recipes
AG1300BL Grill + Panini Press Recipes
AJ1400BL Fruit/Vegetable Processor + Juicer Recipes
AS1500BL Food and Whole Grain Steamer Recipes

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Product Sheets
6 Inch Dial Thermometers
13.5" Dial Thermometers
Large Dial Thermometers
Stick on and Suction Cup Thermometers
Window and Wall Thermometers
Weather Stations and Tube Thermometers
Digital Weather Stations
Rain Gauges
Wireless Rain Gauges and Wind Direction

Kitchen/Food Thermometer Product Sheets
Connoisseur Thermometers
5 Star Commercial Thermometers
Classic Thermometers
TruTemp Thermometers
Weekend Warrior Thermometers
Kitchen Scales

Bath Scale Product Sheets
Analog Scales
LED Scales
Electronic Scales
Glass Electronic Scales

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